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31 de Janeiro de 2017, 17:37 , por O LADO ESCURO DA LUA - | No one following this article yet.
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Love it Now

I could call you a star
and watching your light in the sky
say “hallo” to you
or just wave for “good night”

Or maybe I’d call you “My Sun”
and waking up in the morning
submerge my face
in the hot rays of your palms

I could call you Heartbreaker too
‘cos each time you’re gone
something breaks my heart
and then I’m gone too

but the most of all
I’d like to call you Love…
searching for Replacement of that word
I came across: Gem and Honey-Bunch,
Dreamboat, Cherub,
Sweetheart, Hot Stuff…
and realised
that you’re all that
so maybe I can stick to Love?

Copyright ©2016 Monika Braun and Love it Now. All Rights Reserved.

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