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anisio nogueira

Tela cheia


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Fall between the cracks

1 de Fevereiro de 2017, 6:38, por O LADO ESCURO DA LUA

The Moonlight Rendezvous

Siting by the waterfall I thought to myself “Why do they say I have a scattered or unpredictable behavior or that I am too harsh on people sometimes?”…..“Why is it so easy for someone to come and tell me that I am not good enough?”… “Why do people think that I just want to rebel and feel bad?” “Why do they think I cannot let go of things and let go off people so easily”?
Then I realized they see what I wish for them to, hear what I want them to and observe what I need them to. So i cannot let their words affect me. I think before I act, maybe I over think and people feel it’s my need for validation but it’s just me telling myself that I am not impulsive.

Maybe I’m afraid … I’m afraid that I’m a bad person and that I am…

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anisio nogueira

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