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To improve relevant laws and regulations

14 de Abril de 2016, 23:03, por Taylor Rogers

To improve relevant laws and regulations, on the basis of agreed by the shareholders (promoter) autonomous subscribed capital contribution, investment mode, the investment period, etc., and shall be responsible for contribution for authenticity, legitimacy of system. The second is the enterprise annual examination to the annual report system, any unit and individual can query, make the enterprise information transparency. After more than two big change, was born in Gucci Belt Replica company law system system revolutionary changes have taken place, and this change brings, is the company's legal qualities of nirvana. In capital registration system, for example. The first step of Gucci Store company law, passed in 1993 on the capital system fully implements the legal capital system, and adhere to the company's capital, maintain and the same three principles. Under this kind of capital system, to set up a company, not only requires one of the registered capital in place, but also to make sure of the registered capital of the company's assets and consistent, the rigid capital system not only makes the company to set up the threshold is too high, disregard private investment enthusiasm, lead to Gucci Belt Replica system of entrepreneurial environment is very harsh, company capital system on the grip and deficiency with real life has been well known, and result in Gucci Belt Replica legal system is not attractive and competitive in the world and to ridicule. The 2005 company law reform, in order to break the government regulation, company and shareholder autonomy for the idea, the company capital system in Gucci Store has made significant innovation, innovation and breakthrough received acclaim from all walks of life, in Gucci Belt Replica legal system of company of a major vicissitudes in wrote.

Reasonable definition of the government's power to control and enterprise autonomy boundary, sharply reduced the executive power and national will live on the company the unnecessary intervention, make public company autonomy, carry forward the company spirit of contract, to expand the company's autonomy space. Legally abolished the legal capital system, implements the eclectic authorized capital system. The strict legal capital system, in the company law, the shareholders of a company does not require to pay capital, cheap gucci belts at the same time greatly reduce the minimum amount of registered capital of the company, will be limited liability companies and joint stock co.

look after the most important reform period

14 de Abril de 2016, 23:00, por Taylor Rogers

As for the long term, should look after the most important reform period, Gucci Belt Replica economy to be achieved to leverage, risk and transformation of driving force. (both Replica Gucci Belt and foreign management magazine column) friedman once said, behind the code has a strong mind activity. Company law system as the system is an important part of a national law, to some extent influence the competitiveness of a country, the rise of the cayman islands, such as offshore company to some extent, embodies is a kind of system of competitive advantage. A has competitiveness in economy and business environment of the country, must be the company legal system has great competitive advantage of nations.

On this issue, Europe and the United States has given proof of rhetoric, while the company as a breakthrough point of the reform of institutional change, to some extent reflects the management distortion correction of the determination of the relationship between government and market, this is because the government is too powerful for people who lose their entrepreneurial passion, is undoubtedly a great system progress. On October 25, the state council executive meeting decided, for Replica Gucci Belt companies registered capital of a registration system for major change, in order to reduce business costs, activate social investment. This is the Gucci Store company law amended in 2005, the Replica Gucci Belt company law system and a historic revolution. Buy Gucci Belt the deployment of the state council, the tone of the reform of company capital registration system in the future is further relaxation of government regulation, an even greater degree of lower the access threshold, to encourage the entrepreneurial passion of the society. There are two main content: one is to broaden the registration of registered capital.

Except as otherwise provided in laws, regulations, and cancel the minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan limited liability company, a one-person limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 100000 yuan, co., LTD., the limitation of the minimum registered capital of 5 million yuan; No longer limited company set up the initial capital contribution of the shareholders (promoter) ratio and pay the full payment of the deadline. The company's paid-in capital is no longer as the industrial and commercial registration. At the same time, five is the registered capital contributed registration system to the subscribed by the registration system, fake gucci belt reduce the company cost.

it is obvious that it is difficult to justify

14 de Abril de 2016, 4:48, por Taylor Rogers And the outside world, however, the vast majority of people believe that the future overall is still in the upward trend in different views, the author thinks that, even if there is no central control, the renminbi revaluation since 2005 has to end, more than 30% of the appreciation of RMB exchange rate movements are facing a very delicate directional selection. I mean, the central bank is in the wrong time, by means of error, made a correct response trend of RMB exchange rate. The wrong time, is to choose the RMB exchange rate is close to equilibrium, the situation of Gucci Belt Replica foreign trade is not optimistic about, macroeconomic into real difficulties, domestic, including real estate and shadow banking risk gradually appear, the QE's exit will accelerate under the condition of hot money fled, cheap gucci belts downward pressure on the yuan was, the cunning of hot money is seeking to flee, the central bank says hold down the renminbi, this is not a hot money fled to cover?

Look from the war in the past years the central bank and hot money, the bank almost complete defeat, the central bank is many times even the hot money in or even flight, the basic judgment is wrong, for seems to be very strict in fact and holes cross-border capital supervision system, the so-called hot money is in the central bank regulation. If the future trend of the appreciation of the renminbi is constant, the central bank for leading the short-term value of meaningless, if the future access to depreciate, the central bank to do so would trigger hot money faster flow, leading to the RMB exchange rate dropped. So-called error means, is the central bank with the government of rough hands, to achieve the purpose of the marketization of RMB, it is obvious that it is difficult to justify paradox.

seems to be apparent acceleration of capital inflows

14 de Abril de 2016, 4:45, por Taylor Rogers

At the start of the judgment for the devaluation of the renminbi market unusually consistent: it by the people's bank of Gucci Store is a plan to kill two birds with one stone with the purpose of action: one is artificially devalued, prevent cross-border speculative capital inflows. Buy Gucci Belt the overseas media, this is the people's bank of Gucci Store on foreign exchange issued a warning of speculators, they think that is the people's bank of Gucci Store plans to the wave of depreciation, because it worried about the huge inflows in recent months, want to market shows that the exchange rate movements of one-way bet is going to work. It seems that a series of data also prove this speculation. Last year, Buy Gucci Belt Gucci Belt Replica state administration of foreign exchange, a total of $244 billion in cross-border capital flows into Gucci Store. After foreign trade data than expected in January this year, seems to be apparent acceleration of capital inflows, trade surplus has more than $30 billion in January; And the bank and out surplus of $73.3 billion at sight, forward and out surplus of $25.4 billion, the two digital record highs. Speculation, the central bank dominated this round of the second purpose of depreciation is to expand the floating range of RMB exchange rate, this speculation in fact have been confirmed: on March 15, since March 17, 2014, the yuan against the dollar the inter-bank spot foreign exchange market trading floating ranges from 1% to 2%, which is regarded as the important measure of the RMB exchange rate marketization. Say, however, whether the snipers hot money, or lead to the two-way wave theory, the bank shall deny. The central bank's official statement pointed out that this is a reflection of market forces. But obviously, this statement was widely regarded as a true lies. For the exchange rate of RMB is the central bank strictly controlling, the central bank in determining the role of the renminbi to or obvious, middle price cut, the central bank control on March 15, and the RMB exchange rate fluctuation range expanded to 2% range, fake gucci belt as all decisions on the prove that the central bank in the RMB exchange rate.


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